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Our Zero Advanced-Pay credit repair & improvement program has helped people just like you qualify for a car, a house, consumer goods, business, and other financial assistance. Find out if you qualify in just a couple of minutes.

Credit Repair with ZERO Advanced-Pay!

No matter what service plan you select, we must complete the work before you pay!

Step 1
Complete Survey

We call this the “My Why” because it is your reason for fixing your credit. This helps us understand your situation so we can provide you with the most effective service possible.

Step 2
Service Plan Selection

You'll be able to go through our service plan selection and choose one that is most ideal for you. Please choose only the plan(s) you need. You never pay for credit repair in advance.

Step 3
Onboarding Call

After selecting your plan and signing the service agreement(s), you'll book an appointment to speak to one of our consultants who will be onboarding you into our program.

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Your solution to BETTER CREDIT starts here

We offer a variety of solutions tailored to fit your specific needs.

Free Audit

We will offer a free consultation and review what is negatively impacting your credit score and hindering you.


We'll repair your credit report by getting negative accounts removed and adding positive accounts.

Save Money

As your scores go up and negative accounts go away, your rates to loans and other services decrease.


Student Loans

Tax Liens

Late Payments

Charge Offs

Medical Bills






Outdated Info

And More...

The Process

Personalized Strategy

Because each of our clients are have a unique situation, our approach to handling their credit repair process is as well.

It begins with the questionnaire that collects important information we need to understand your current situation and where you want to go.

From there, we will provide free, no obligation consultation on what is negatively impacting your credit score and provide guidance on how to improve it.

With our experienced professionals, we’ll improve your credit score to the best it can be.

You are capable of achieving the life of your dreams. A life where you are in control of your finances.

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Our whole process is based on legal compliance (with real attorneys)

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What are the TRUE COSTS of poor credit?

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