Service Plan Selection

Service Plan Selection

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Credit Repair with ZERO Up-Front Fees!

No matter what service plan you select, we must complete the work before you pay!

Step 1
Complete Survey

We call this the “My Why” because it is your reason for fixing your credit. This helps us understand your situation so we can provide you with the most effective service possible.

Step 2
Service Plan Selection

You'll be able to go through our service plan selection and choose one that is most ideal for you. Please choose only the plan(s) you need. You never pay for credit repair in advance.

Step 3
Onboarding Call

After selecting your plan and signing the service agreement(s), you'll book an appointment to speak to one of our consultants who will be onboarding you into our program.

Submitting Your CMS

Your CMS is your Credit Monitoring Service that allows us to review your credit report from all 3 bureaus each month and gives us the information we need to dispute your negative accounts, hard inquiries, bankruptcy and other inaccurate information on your credit report. Please provide your CMS login. Maintaining a current CMS throughout the duration of your credit repair journey is required. If you do already have one, please submit it. If you do not have one, please register one.

Please Submit Your CMS Login

(You’ll book an appointment after submitting form)