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What is the process? 

The process is for us to run your credit report through our affiliated credit monitoring system, I will be discussing what I see on your report with you and then we would be able to determine which plan you would need to go with. 

How will this service help me get a brand-new car/house?

When you want to get a loan for something, the creditor would need to run your credit report and when they see low scores, there is a possibility that your loan might not be approved OR if it will be, then your interest rates would be high and could make a big dent on your finances. 

I am worried that running my credit report would make an impact.

You do not have to worry, running your credit report is only a soft pull and won’t reflect on your report. 

How much does your services cost?

I do not want to give you any false information that it why it is important for me to see your credit report and I will base the plan from there. It really depends on the number of negative accounts and inquiries you have. 

How long will you be finished working on my account?

Soonest turn around time we have is between 2-4 months if you want to go with the one-time fee. However, the turn around time varies when you choose our payment plans and I can discuss it to you right after we do the consultation. 

Can you guarantee an additional 100 points when you guys are done with the process?

No. We do not guarantee the points that will be added on your score. What we can guarantee is, we can work on the negative items on your account making your scores higher than what you currently have. 

Can you remove my bankruptcy?

Most definitely! For as long as it shows as DISMISSED or DISCHARGED on your report then we can work on your bankruptcy. 

Do I still need to pay my bills when the process starts?

Yes, you are still required to be on top of your bills because what we offer only covers those that are in your credit report. 

Yes, it may pull down your credit report if you don’t, that is not our goal.


How will I know that you are already working on my account after payment?

You will get an email from us; you will also have access to our customer portal where you will see the accounts and Inquiries that we have already challenged. 

What is a freeze letter?

Good question, a freeze letter is sent to the credit agencies that holds and collect your information asking for them to restrict access to your credit report.  You also do not have to worry about going through the hassle of sending these letters to the agencies, Credit Hoot will take care of that! 

Can I still make Inquiries when we start the process?

We advise our clients not to make any inquiries during the process.